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Aesthetic and functional nose surgery

Through this plastic surgery it is possible to reshape the nose in order to provide greater harmony to the face. It corrects the nose hump, reduces and elevates the nasal tip, thus improving the angle between the nose and the lip.


Advantages and Benefits

  • It manages to harmonize the nose with the other facial features.
  • It obtains natural results using the appropriate surgical technique.
  • Ostensibly improves self-esteem as the changes are visible and permanent.


  • Avoid tanning during the first three months after the surgery, as it can cause irreversible skin spots.
  • Do not smoke for three months, as smoking does not favour healing.
  • The discomfort that you will have to tolerate the most, and you should do it calmly and confidently, is having your nose blocked by plugs and secretions.
  • Avoid physical activities that involve leaning forward and lifting heavy objects.
  • Don't wear glasses for the first month. If you have trouble seeing, use your glasses only for the essentials and remove them quickly.
  • You should not practice physical contact or violent sports in the first three months after the surgery.

Procedure type: Ambulatory surgery
Immediate recovery time: 15 days
Definitive recovery time: 6 months to a year